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Current Openings

  TitleShiftsOpen DateClose Date 
20210519-2553aae8fcf7-3a3d-40e2-8220-ca55402b48cdOperator (I)Shift 47-15-20218-15-2021
20210706-1055f0cb234e-ee52-4d16-86f9-1ea4fba19472Test Engineering Technician 7-06-20217-25-2021
20210708-17401bd4a8f2-82f0-4b05-b269-f13c93a32472Security Continuous Improvement ManagerOffice7-08-20217-31-2021
20210709-2473f951a350-7328-48ee-8e4c-10eed5073d38Process TechnicianShift 47-09-20217-31-2021
20210712-2559af71c520-a96b-4546-a68f-935ed85df303Test Engineer (II)Office7-12-20217-31-2021
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